Courses & Programs

Certification of users and training courses are an effective method for acquiring the knowledge necessary to get the most out of your Scienta Omicron instruments. Our training courses are comprised of seminars and discussion time with application specialists as well as directed hands-on instrument operation and experimental overview. Scienta Omicron offers a comprehensive range of courses (classroom or on-site) that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Do you have new users on a system? Make sure to certify them on the system so they understand the basic operations of the system for productivity, safety and science results. By training and certifying new users you will close the knowledge gap and shorten the time for getting results, as well as keeping your team up to date on best practices and correct safety procedures. Knowledgeable users reduce the risk of wrong operations and increase productivity.


  • Maximizing productivity
  • Small learning groups
  • Interactive discussions
  • Customized training
  • Face time with Scienta Omicron specialist

The right course for everyone

Whatever your level of expertise, we have a course that is right for you. Our training programs cover the following main areas:

  • Introduction to Scienta Omicron instruments, from basic concept to advanced operation
  • How to operate equipment safely
  • Software concepts and program implementation
  • Basic maintenance to prevent equipment down-time
  • Specialized application courses