SPM Upgrades

SPM Upgrades

Please download the upgrade information for SPM products here:

1. QPlus Upgrade for LT STM: AFM Performance Close to Technically Feasible

The QPlus upgrade for LT STM provides AFM performance close to technically feasible.
Highlights: New scanner and shielding design allows signal amplification/detection at atmospheric side; Atomic resolution on isolating surfaces as well as on conducting materials competitive to STM imaging (typ. 10pm corrugation); Ultimate performance together with new generation QPlus sensors (included in this upgrade package); Fundamental AFM performance proof on isolators; and AFM measurements in genuine df feedback.

QPlus Upgrade for LT STM v6

2. 2xBNC Feedtrhough Upgrade for LT STM: Best Signal Quality Achievable

The 2xBNC Feedthrough upgrade for LT STM enables the best signal quality that is achievable. The upgrade: enhances the measurement of tunneling current via tip or sample; includes dual biasing (sample and/or tip); and prevents leaking of current.

LT STM upgrade to coax SS0 + 2xBNC v3

3. LT-SPM Cooled Sample Stage: Keep Your Sample at Continual Low Temperature

This package enables you keep your sample at continual low temperature. The package consists of compact design thermally coupled to LHe shield (<5K); includes pivoting mechanism that allows full access to STM stage with sample “parked”; enables 2 cooled sample stages – left and right side. Furthermore, it is a complete set that is easy to install; allows time saving as sample can be precooled; and it allows cold storage of sample during tip exchange.

LT-SPM cooled sample stage v3

4. LT-SPM Holder for Optical Elements: Optical Access to Sample Surface During Measurement

The package “LT-SPM holder for optical elements” enables optical access to sample surface during measurement via 2 optical access points at 90° and 270° with respect to the wobblestick axis. The tilt angle towards the sample face is 25°It includes lens holders for variable configuration, e.g. confocal lens system.

LT-SPM holder for optical elements v2

5. MATRIX  4.3.7 Software Release

Scienta Omicron has the following, the MATRIX 4.3.7 upgrade ready. This upgrade provides many new features: QPlus Atom Manipulation; Tip-Guard and Auto Approach; scanner max. number of points 4096; 64-bit control software; compatibility with all previous MATRIX hardware platforms; and software License on dedicated USB Stick, among others.

MATRIX 4.3.7 Software V4 SO SPM Upgrade

6. MATRIX AFM Control Upgrade: QPlus and Beam Deflection AFM Option

Scienta Omicron´s MATRIX AFM control upgrade is flexible and usable for QPlus modes and beam deflection. It includes: Kelvin regulator; digital AFM control board; digital phase-locked loop (PLL); and 6 additional input ports in the standard configuration.

MATRIX AFM upgrade v4

7. RF-Filter for STM: dl/dt Spectroscopy with Outstanding Energy Resolution

The RF-Filter for STM upgrade package enables dl/dT spectroscopy with outstanding energy resolution. The STM dl/vD spectroscopy energy resolution is not limited by instrument. The filter adapter are easy to adapt on each LT-STM and TESLA-JT-SPM with BNC feedthrough. It includes BNC-Preamp filter adapter and DSUB filter adapter.

RF Filter for STM v3

8. VT STM QPlus Upgrade: Full QPlus AFM Performance

The Scienta Omicron VT STM QPlus upgrade package is suited to combine high stability STM with QPlus AFM. Simultaneous current detection is possible, which is ideal to combine QPlus AFM and STM with the same sensor. It is suited for non-contact AFM with small oscillation amplitudes.

VT STM QPlus upgrade v4

9. VT Sample Stage XA Upgrade: Maximum Compatibility, Ease of Use

The VT sample stage XA upgrade enables usage of standard sample plate design providing maximum compatibility with many different surface science techniques, like MBE, RHEED and different kinds of electron spectroscopy. Variable temperature from below 50K up to 650 K possible.

VT XA sample stage upgrade v2