Field Service

With several 100+ years of combined experience maintaining complex UHV research systems, our service team provides the superior support to ensure high performance and continuous uptime for your Scienta Omicron equipment. With the strongest service presence globally in Surface Science, Electron spectroscopy, and thin film deposition we provide the fastest possible response times, allowing you to focus on obtaining publication quality science quickly. Our dedicated service team supports you throughout the life time of your research equipment, beginning with professional installation and system testing, continuing with preventive maintenance, certification of users, and advanced training of multiple generations of users. These are a few of the many ways Scienta Omicron helps you maintain productivity as you achieve high impact scientific results.


Are you lacking performance? Our highly qualified engineers are not only capable of servicing your equipment to a high standard, but can also perform any technical upgrades that you need. Upgrades are an all-important part of keeping up with the latest developments at minimal costs and without compromising quality. Scienta Omicron offers today more than 40 upgrades, which greatly improve the efficiency and performance of a system, and as well allowing you to achieve higher impact research results.

Certification and Training

Certification of users and training courses are an effective method for acquiring the knowledge necessary to get the most out of your Scienta Omicron instruments. Scienta Omicron offers a comprehensive range of courses (classroom or on-site) that combine in-depth theory with hands-on coaching sessions.

Do you have new users on a system? Make sure to certify them on the system so they understand the basic operations of the system for productivity, safety and science results. By training and certifying new users you will close the knowledge gap and shorten the time for getting results, as well as keeping your team up to date on best practices and correct safety procedures. Knowledgeable users reduce the risk of wrong operations and increase productivity.

Spare Parts

Scienta Omicron continuously improves it supply chain to shorten the lead-times and to increase the number of offered products, consumables, and spare parts to support your world-class research. The spare parts lists are regularly updated and distributed to allow simple spare part identification and our service teams are always accessible to discuss your needs. Consumables, spare parts and loaner exchange items are located at several customer service locations worldwide to guarantee items are readily available and can be shipped over-night.

Depot Repair

A full range of repair services are available if the need arise. With several 100+ years of combined experience maintaining complex UHV research systems, our service team has the depth of knowledge to address any issues that have arisen. Our qualified specialists provide timely, efficient, and cost effective servicing of all your Scienta Omicron instruments.

Preventive Maintenance

Lack of preventive maintenance is a gamble you can't afford. An organization that operates without a preventive maintenance plan often finds itself in crisis mode when breakdowns occur—and the down-time associated with that can be devastating. We recommend that you keep your instrument in top condition with one of our regular preventive maintenance through our service support packages. This helps to maintain the high standards of accuracy and precision that your application needs, as well as minimizing instrument downtime.

Not fully convinced that a service contract is right for you? Order a System Health Check-up visit where our field service engineer will examine your system. After the visit you will get a comprehensive report that shows actual performance and recommended actions that should be taken to improve performance or avoid possible costly future downtime.

Consultancy Services

Scienta Omicron is now proud of offering access to application specialists through our service department. Customers have the ability to consult with experts in a variety of areas, including system design and R&D, component and system installation, thin film deposition, electron spectroscopy, advanced SPM techniques, experiment design, and process development. Contact your local service representative for more information on these exciting new ways we can help you achieve higher impact research results.