The NanoCar Race teams work out hard...

ROM 2016-05
Author: Christian Joachim

On the LT NANOPROBE, it was possible for the first time to manipulate a single molecule on the long range using the tip 2 of this instrument while scanning the surface in parallel with tip 4. This 4-Acetylbiphenyl molecule-automobile (ABP) [1] was driven by inelastic tunneling effect, with the manipulation parameters determined first by TU Dresden in 2013 [1,2]. Image sequence taken on a Au(111) surface with the 0.25 Ang surface corrugation clearly visible in the background and a 1.8 Ang corrugation for the moving ABP molecule. Sequence of 50 minutes (pulses and images) for a first long run of about 4 nm. No mechanical manipulation. Data obtained during the TU Dresden team training session for the nanocar race at the PicoLab in Toulouse.

1. F. Moresco and coll., ACS Nano, 7, 191 (2013)
2. F. Moresco and coll., ACS Nano, 9, 8394 (2015)

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