High Resolution full field ARPES

ROM 2014-10
Author: K.Winkler (1), Konrad.Winkler@oxinst.com
Instrument: NanoESCA

High resolution full field ARPES: the Au(111) Fermi surface map was recorded from a small area < 20µm in a single shot experiment using the NanoESCA II instrument. The total acquisition time was 16 minutes. The ring in the center of the k-space map is the surface state which shows the Rashba splitting (double ring structure). The k-resolution is estimated to 0.01 Å-1, energy resolution was estimated to 50 meV. The experiment was carried out under laborqatory conditions at a sample temperature of 40K using a focussed VUV source with He I excitation (HIS 14 HD, hν= 21.2 eV).

The displayed data is raw data as measured and does not require stiching of individual E-k slides or symmetrisation as it is commonly used in a classical ARPES setup. 

N. Barrett(1), C. Mathieu(1), France, Konrad Winkler (2) • 

(1) IRAMIS/SPEC/LENSIS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France 
(2) Oxford Instruments, OmicronNanoScience, Germany •