Standard Effusion Cells

  • Reliable, compact and robust cell design
  • Cleanest operation in UHV systems
  • Excellent temperature stability (±0.1° C)
  • Suitable for the evaporation of most materials evaporated at temperatures up to 1400° C
  • Standard, hot lip, cold lip and dual filament configurations available
  • Standard crucible sizes: 2 cc, 5 cc, 10 cc, 35 cc, 60 cc 
  • Standard crucible material: PBN (pyrolytic boron nitride)
  • Other crucible materials: Al2O3, BeO, Tungsten, Pyrolytic Graphite(PG) or Quartz
  • Effective water cooling around the cell protects both the vacuum chamber and the port tubes and avoids heating up by thermal radiation
  • Compact version with cooling shroud and integrated shutter on a DN40CF (2.75” OD) mounting flange and 10 cc crucible capacity; ideally suited for small research surface analysis systems
  • Large size effusion cell with crucible capacities up to 200 cc and with separate cooling shrouds available