Benchmarking UHV STM and AFM Technology

Result date: 2011
Author: L. Scifo et al.
Publication: Nano Lett. 6, 1711–1718 (2006)

STM image (150 nm × 123 nm) of a poly (3-dodecylthiophene) P3DDT film on HOPG with sub-monolayer coverage obtained in the low-current mode. Set-point values IT = 2.5 pA, UGap = 1.4 V. The white and black dotted circles highlight the first polymer layer and a partially nucleated second layer, respectively.

(A-B) Experimental and calculated STS spectra.
(A) Experimental I-V curves recorded during a CITS measurement. Over the bare substrate (HOPG, black), the first polymer monolayer (P1, red) and the second polymer layer (P2, blue).
(B) Conductance dI/dV spectra (solid lines).
(C) Topographic and current images acquired during a CITS measurement. Left: topographic image (50 nm × 50 nm) recorded with IT = 3.9 pA, UGap = 1.2 V. Right: current image at 0.86 V.