Science at low temperatures and high magnetic fields

At a Glance

  • > 5 days uninterrupted measurement time in varying magnetic fields with only 11 L LHe

  • Temperatures down to 1 K with 4He

  • Ultra low thermal drift

  • Magnetic fields BZ > 3 T

  • Optical access

  • STM and QPlus® AFM

  • Ergonomic design & expandable to clusters

The TESLA JT SPM is a Joule-Thompson cooled low temperature microscope working in ultra-high vacuum for advanced imaging and spectroscopy developed by Scienta Omicron and CryoVac.


General information

The cryostat contains a Joule-Thompson cooling stage mounted below the LHe bath cryostat with vapor-cooled shields and a surrounding LN2 vessel.

Interruption-free experiments for more than four days are possible due to the exceptional low consumption rates of LHe and LN2. The TESLA JT SPM head features multiple measurement modes including STM, NC-AFM (QPlus®) and various spectroscopy modes including STS, IETS and force spec-troscopy. In-situ tip and sample exchange including four electrical contacts to the sample plate allow for an extended range of additional measurement modes.

A split pair superconducting magnet, developed by CryoVac, provides magnetic fields up to BZ > 3T while allowing optical access to tip and sample and in-situ evaporation at low temperatures. The new TESLA JT SPM can be combined with UHV transfer to ARPES and MBE modules.


Cryostat & Magnet Technology

Cryovac's UHV cryostat technology ‚provides' 5 days uninterrupted SPM measurement time at low temperatures with exceptionally low LHe consumption of only 11 L. Operating and ramping the UHV magnet has virtually no impact on LHe hold time and consumption. To achieve temperatures down to 1 K, the bath cryostat uses an LN2 and LHe vessel and a Joule-Thompson cooling stage mounted below the LHe bath cryostat. Vapor-cooled shields at LN2, LHe and 1 K temperatures enable optimal thermal shielding and can be opened and closed by a wobble stick. The TESLA JT stage uses an external He supply and can be upgraded to 3He operation achieving temperatures of approximately 500 mK. A 3-stage locking mechanism provides convenient and safe sample & tip exchange. A separate thermal switch between the 4He bath and JT stage allows for optimal cooling rates.

UHV Magnet

A UHV superconducting split pair magnet provides vertical magnetic fields up to BZ = 3 T while allowing optical access at low temperatures. An optimized current lead set up consisting of Cu / HTS (High Temperature Superconductor) / LTS (Low Temperature Superconductor) ensures minimal heat load and exceptionally low consumption rates. The cryostat and magnet are fully UHV compatible and bakeable to 120° C.


TriLeg Design

The devotion of Scienta Omicron to precision engineering and the experience of 30 years in the SPM business is embodied in the TESLA JT SPM. The new TriLeg design is the platform for the TESLA JT SPM, a dedicated UHV system for high resolution SPM. A separate preparation chamber is available for sample sputtering, thin film evaporation and in-situ growth characterization. The TriLeg is tailored towards ergonomic operation, convenience, and stability for state-of-the-art SPM research.