SPM Probe

Compact and cost-effective integration of VT SPM's

The UHV system: fully bakeable. Pump, pressure measurement, sample heater and system bakeout controllers are housed in the system frame. Bakeout cover, heaters, programmable bakeout control and vacuum interlock. The vacuum system is completely assembled on a frame, electrically wired and tested.
Spare parts for LEED/AES or CMA, ion sputtering, evaporation source, etc.

SPM chamber: non-magnetic stainless steel.

Sample heating stage: radiative sample heater and the provision for direct heating, including power supply.

Sample/tip storage carousel: 12 positions. 

Pincer grip wobble stick (180 mm travel) for sample and tip/cantilever transfer.

Pumping: Titanium sublimation, ion getter and turbomolecular pumps, complete with pump controllers, bakeout cover with heater, programmable bakeout controller and vacuum interlock. 
The SPM chamber is pumped by an ion getter (nominal pumping speed 120 l/s) and a titanium sublimation pump. A turbo pump (nominal pumping speed 67 l/s) is used for pumping down the system via FEC chamber.

Vacuum achievable: < 1 x 10-10 mbar

Footprint: 1.2 m x 1.0 m (height approx.: 1.7 m, incl. bakeout cover)


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