PRO-75/100 MBE Systems

Professional Top-of-the-Line MBE Systems

At a Glance

The PRO-75/100  MBE-Systems are dedicated growth systems with a loadlock chamber  and with an optional preparation/storage chamber. The substrate sizes are either 3” (PRO-75) or 4” (PRO-100). The systems of course also accept smaller samples (1” and 2”) and the Omicron standard sample plates.
The carefully designed chamber with up to 12 effusion cells shows excellent thickness uniformity for all substrate sizes. The large effusion cell capacity of to 130 cm3 for layer growth increases the up-time of the system significantly.

The fast & reliable sample transfer together with the excellent performance results in a low cost of ownership. The optional available easy & intuitive to operate growth control software and the possibility to add standard Omicron analysis equipment makes this a unique MBE system for researchers.


Growth Applications

  • Metal MBE growth
  • Semiconductor growth (III-V, III-N, II-VI, SiGe)
  • Magnetic materials growth
  • Oxide MBE growth
  • Organic MBE