Oxygen Resistant Effusion Cells

At a Glance

The Oxygen Resistant Effusion Cell is designed for the operation in oxygen rich or reactive gas atmosphere for a pressure range from 10-4 mbar/torr up to several mbar/torr.

The use of a special Ni-alloy for heater wires and shielding parts allow the operation of the source in UHV and oxygen containing atmosphere up to a temperature of 1000° C. By using noble-metal-alloys for heater wires, shieldings and construction materials, operating temperatures of up to 1200°C are achievable.

  • Oxygen resistance option for standard wire heater cells (WEZ, PEZ, NTEZ) 
  • Ni-alloy-wire heaters up to 1000°C 
  • Noble-metal-alloy-wire heaters up to 1200°C 
  • Pressure range from UHV up to several mbar 
  • Various crucible sizes and crucible materials
  • Various filament configurations
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