NanoSAM Lab

Chemical Analysis with Ultimate Resolution

At a Glance

UHV Gemini Electron Column:

  • highest spatial resolution
  • smallest e-beam spot size 
  • unique low-energy performance 
  • efficient SEM with in-lens SED

NanoSAM Electron Analyser: 

  • variable energy resolution 
  • excellent sensitivity, multichannel detection

Sample Handling:

  •  flexible sample size 
  • variable sample temperature (50-500K) 
  • sample tilt ±60°

Ultimate Resolution

The NanoSAM Lab is the ultimate tool for the analysis of small structures. Driven by the unique performance of the UHV Gemini electron column, it guarantees unrivalled resolution below 5 nm in Scanning Auger Microscopy (SAM) and better than 3 nm in SEM.

In contrast to other Auger tools, the extremely good resolution is not only available at standard 20 keV beam energy, but even at 5 keV the SAM resolution remains below 10 nm. This allows operation in a parameter range where the Auger cross sections are high, and well documented for quantitative analysis.


Complementary Analysis

The NanoSAM Lab is tailored for the fast and efficient acquisition of data on routine samples, while maintaining the flexibility to operate in untypical parameter ranges on challenging materials. Furthermore, the NanoSAM Lab may be extended with additional techniques for a complementary analysis of the key sample characteristics, for example the crystal structure (EBSD) or the magnetic domain structure (SEMPA). Other features of the NanoSAM Lab: Depth Profiling and Charge Neutralisation, FIB, EBL.