General Information

From A to Z

At a Glance

  • Modular and compact design
  • More than 30 different experimental techniques supported
  • SPM, SEM, SAM, electron spectroscopy, & thin film growth
  • More than 1000 systems installed world-wide
  • Designed in agreement with the customer's wishes and requirements
  • Each Multiprobe solution has its own load lock.

Modularity - Analysis

The analysis chamber houses various spectroscopy techniques, including XPS, ISS, UPS, AES/SAM, SEM, depth profiling, mass spectroscopy etc. Alternative analysis chambers for dedicated applications such as monochromated XPS, Low Temperature SPM, ARUPS and HREELS are also available.


Modularity - Microscopy

The Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) is housed in its own chamber bolted directly onto the analysis chamber. This enables easy access and simultaneous operation of other analysis techniques. The close proximity of both chambers, together with an optimised sample transfer allows fast sample exchange.

The chamber has suitable viewports for optimal observation of the tip/sample coarse approach with a CCD camera. The VT SPM bolt-on chamber is also compatible with in-situ evaporation from below. An optional chamber extension can house a Photon Electron Emission Microscope (PEEM) between the analysis and microscopy chambers. This has flanges for excitation sources and sample transfer. The design is straight-forward and allows fast sample exchange between the analysis chamber, PEEM and SPM.


Modularity - Preparation

A selection of standard preparation chambers provide unrivalled in-situ preparation facilities ranging from the standard sample preparation techniques and thin film growth, sputtering and annealing offered by the MULTIPROBE P to advanced preparation techniques including thin film growth with in-situ characterization using LEED or RHEED in the MULTIPROBE XP. The MULTIPROBE RM has a research MBE chamber which offers compatibility with up to five evaporation sources on a cluster flange, RHEED, and a LN2 cooling shroud.

Again, custom designs are also possible, and many non-standard facilities have already been built, including reaction chambers, laser ablation, cleaving stations, vacuum suitcases etc.