High Performance ARPES Studies


The UHV system is a surface analysis solution based on the Scienta Omicron MULTIPROBE platform and designed for high performance ARPES studies. The system is prepared and optimized for best performance with both UV and X-ray excitation. At the same time the set-up is prepared for multi-technique upgrades with predefined paths for adding SPM and MBE capabilities to the system.

The MULTIPROBE frame and analysis chamber have space for these extensions making upgrades easy and results in a compact, footprint optimized system. Also, the ARPES chamber can be upgraded with a multitude of sources and equipment in a pre-defined, optimized geometry. The system configuration and layout will be developed and upon request updated in collaboration with the customer during the lifetime of the system.


R3000 Analyzer

This highly flexible state-of-the-art analysis tool is optimised for quick high-resolution PES and ARPES measurements using a 135 mm mean radius hemispherical electron analyser designed for high throughput. The analyser is housed in a state of the art mu-metal vessel which gives a compact footprint.

The high voltage electronics provides ultra stable conditions for reliable accurate measurements. Electron detection is featured by a modern 2-D low noise digital CCD-MCP detector system with a noise level of < 0.01 cps/channel. Furthermore the analyser is equipped with real time read-out and electronic analyser lens X/Y deflectors for diagnostics and experimental optimisation purposes.

Link to the R3000 Analyzer


Analysis Chamber

In order to perform high resolution measurements at kinetic energies in the UV excitation range, the residual magnetic field in the chamber is very important. A mu-metal chamber is therefore needed and included. The guaranteed residual magnetic field in the critical volume around the analysis spot is guaranteed to be below 0.5 μT. This will be measured and verified before delivery.

The chamber offers ports for the R3000 XPS/UPS/ARPES analyser, excitation sources, e.g. VUV lamp and X-ray sources, charge neutralization, sputter gun, evaporators, pumps, pressure measurement, viewports, manipulator and sample transfer. The configuration discussion will be initiated from a well-accepted Scienta Omicron standard design.


Fast Entry Load Lock

The system includes a fast entry load lock (FEL) with a magnetically coupled transporter, transfer head, and a NW 40 CF (2.75"OD) gate valve for isolation from the analysis chamber.



The vacuum system is mounted on a rigid steel frame with ±5 mm height-adjustable mounting feet, so that attachment to an adjacent vacuum system is easily possible. The bench is optimized for the ARPES system and prepared for future MULTIPROBE system extensions.


Analysis Chamber Vacuum System

The design of the chamber and the pumping configuration are optimized for the ARPES system operation. The specified base pressure is <1E-10 mbar. The pumping system consists of:

  • Ion getter pump
  • Titanium sublimation pump
  • Turbomolecular pump
  • Rotary backing pump
  • Pneumatically operated gate valve between turbo pump and UHV chamber
  • Thoriated iridium twin filament ion gauge for pressure measurement.
  • Bypass pumping line between FEL and turbomolecular pump, separated by a manual NW40CF gate valve.