Modular hardware and software concept

At a glance

  • MATRIX 4 available
  • AFM PLL powered by Zurich Instruments

  • New high performance AFM PLL for advanced QPlus® AFM
  • TipGuard and PLLGuide
  • Integrated Lock-In
  • New compact design for easy access to hardware and all signals remote- & software control for coarse axes

2017 MATRIX 4 Main
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AFM PLL powered by Zurich Instruments

MATRIX 4 includes advanced AFM PLL hardware, developed through a strategic partnership with industry leader, Zurich Instruments. The new MATRIX 4 software interface offers all standard types of AFM measurements as well the flexibility to program custom control. There is a beginner mode for reliable and safe measurements, requiring minimum effort to initiate. Users can directly switch to an expert mode giving access to the complete parameter space of an AFM PLL with 4 digital, freely configurable demodulators. Preset options in MATRIX 4 for AFM perform high quality, high resolution AFM (either beam deflection or QPlus®) with easy switching to other modes like Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy (KPFM) or spectroscopy with a few mouse clicks.


Beam Deflection AFM control (incl. QPlus)

The AFM controller with digital PLL is an integral solution for the MATRIX control system and a perfect match with Omicron's Scanning Probe Microscopes. It increases flexibility and improves usability. It offers an integrated regulator for Scanning Kelvin Probe Experiments. The superior signal-to-noise characteristic is proven by experiments.