Large Sample SPM

At a Glance

  • Samples up to 4” diameter
  • Sub system option
  • Fab  line compatible
  • True pA STM
  • Improved dI/dV spectroscopy
  • Beam deflection AFM
  • ‘QPlus® sensor’ AFM

Omicron SPM’s are well established in many research labs for Scanning Probe Microscopy. The Large Sample SPM arises from the famous Variable Temperature SPM and offers an ideal platform for Scanning Probe Microscopy on larger samples, wafers up to 4” diameter or customized samples. 



Integration & Bolt-on Concept

The bolt-on concept ensures that the Large Sample SPM is easily integrated into industrial or research MBE and wafer production lines. The Large Sample SPM uses an internal spring suspension with eddy current damping and is housed in a specially designed chamber. This chamber can be mounted directly to an existing vacuum system.

For applications in which critically high vibration levels are encountered, such as MBE systems with large mechanical pumps or cryogenic pumps in operation, a subsystem solution is available with high performance vibration decoupling mechanisms.


Sample and Tip Transfer

The Large Sample SPM features customised sample handling to suit almost any chamber geometry. A linear motion drive moves the sample into the SPM chamber, where it is transferred to the loading device and lowered onto the microscope stage ready for imaging.


Eddy Current Damping

Introduced as part of the first commercial UHV STM in the 1980’s, the OMICRON eddy current vibration isolation system defined a milestone in UHV SPM technology. The proven design allows high resolution Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy operation even in non-ideal conditions for more than 25 years.