Lab10 MBE System

Universal Compact Laboratory MBE Systems

Technical Data

Target Specification*
Vacuum tank: Stainless steel
Pressure: < 1×10-10 mbar 
Pressure sensor: Ion gauge
Cryoshroud: Included
Baking temperature: 150 °C
Viewports: Equipped with Viewport Shutters
Access Chamber: Included
Software package: Included
Preconfig. flanges: RHEED
Quartz Micro Balance
Beam Flux Monitor
Quadrupole mass analyser (RGA)
Manipulator**: 10 x 10 mm sample size
Temperature RT < T < 1170 K
X/Y- travel ± 8 mm
Z- travel 50 mm
Azimuthal rotation ± 180°
Provision to work with direct sample heating
Cluster flange: 3x DN63CF
4x DN40CF
1x central DN40CF

* Specifications for standard configuration. Customizations can influence specifications. Please contact us for details.
** Standard manipulator. Options for higher temperatures, LN2 cooling, oxygen resistance and continuous rotation are available.