High Temperature Effusion Cells

High Temperature Effusion Cells (HTEZ):

  • Suitable for the evaporation of most materials evaporated at temperatures up to 1900° C 
  • Ultra high temperature version with 1mm thick free-standing tungsten filament for temperatures > 2000° C
  • Standard crucible sizes: 1.5 cc, 10 cc 
  • Standard crucible material: Al2O3, Tungsten or Tantalum
  • Other crucible materials: BeO, Iridium, Y2O3 or Pyrolytic Graphite (PG)
  • Compact version with cooling shroud and integrated shutter on a DN40CF (2.75” OD) mounting flange and 1.5cc crucible capacity; ideally suited for small research surface analysis systems
  • Larger size effusion cell with 10 cc crucible capacity and with separate cooling shroud

High Temperature Effusion Cells (HTS):

  • Typical applications are the evaporation of elemental boron for p-type doping in Si MBE
  • Evaporation of Ge in Si/Ge MBE (special Ge effusion cell with PBN crucible and Si top orifice plate)
  • Evaporation of CaF2, Ti, Ni, Cr, Au, Er, La
  • Various crucible sizes and materials, crucible capacities 5 cc, 25 cc, 100 cc
  • Clean operation in UHV up to 2000° C
  • Ultra high purity pyrolytic graphite (PG) filament
  • Water cooled electrical contacts
  • Inner filament shielding with PG parts
  • No ceramic parts in the hot zone