A window to the bulk

Key applications for HAXPES-Lab

HAXPES provides a larger information depth and the possibility to access the chemical information from the bulk of the material, which was utilized in several recent experiments at synchrotron beamlines, including the investigation of:

  • Buried Interfaces in layered material stacks and future devices, e.g. solar cells, resistive switches, batteries
  • Real-world samples, which describes specimen which cannot undergo any surface cleaning procedures or extra preparations. Photoemission measurements can be performed through potential surface contamination.
  • In operando devices. For the development of future nanotechnology devices it is favorable to determine the chemical states of active layers below a top electrode. Working devices can be switched and measured in operando.

With Scienta Omicron's HAXPES-Lab it becomes possible to perform these experiments in the home laboratory without the need to apply for synchrotron beam-times.