Fermi SPM

A cost effective concept for lower temperatures!

At a Glance

  • 15 K – 400 K
  • Compact  Design
  • Tip Exchange & 2D Coarse
  • Sample and Tip Cooled
  • Low Thermal Drift
  • STM, AFM & Spectroscopy
  • Sub pA STM
  • Internal Eddy Current Damping System

The new Fermi SPM is a compact solution for UHV SPM in a temperature range from 15 K to 400 K. It has been developed to close the gap between the established Omicron LT STM for ultimate spectroscopy performance and the flexible concept of the Omicron VT series.

The new Fermi SPM offers a cost effective alternative for users with a stronger focus on tunnelling spectroscopy experiments.

The compact design uses a LHe flow cryostat. In contrast to the VT series (sample cooled, tip at room temperature), thermal shields keep tip and sample in the Fermi SPM at low temperature during cooling experiments. This guarantees low thermal drift between tip and sample and makes the Fermi SPM an ideal and cost effective solution for imaging, tunnelling spectroscopy and atom manipulation experiments.

The compact Fermi SPM is mounted on a DN 100 CF flange and easy to integrate on systems using the proven bolt-on concept.


Compact Scanner Design

A new compact and rigidly mounted scanner with light and small tip carriers enables high stability and high speed scanning. The sample is mounted on a coarse positioning device for sample positioning in x and z direction. Four electrical sample contacts are available as an option. Two ports with optical access and one port for in-situ evaporation experiments are realized. AFM operation (QPlus® AFM) is also available as an option.


Unique In-situ Tip Exchange

A unique tip exchange mechanism for the Fermi SPM, allows the sample to remain in position at low temperature while the tip is quickly and safely exchanged. A wobble stick and a tip loading stage are used to pick up tips from carrier plates. The tip itself is inserted into the scanner by a bayonet-like locking mechanism within seconds. Due to the special design there is no risk of damage to the scanner. The thermal shield door is quickly opened for tip exchange employing a wobble stick. The sample stays in the microscope and remains at low temperature during the tip exchange.


System Integration

The Fermi SPM is mounted on a DN 100 CF flange. Using a small dedicated UHV chamber it can either be mounted onto a standard Omicron system or mounted to an existing vacuum system.

A wobble stick is used for fast and convenient tip and sample transfer and for operating the thermal shields. The bolt-on chamber includes a 8 position storage carousel for tip and samples.