Carbon Sublimation Source

The SUKO is used in III-V MBE for p-type doping. It is reported that the electron mobility turns out to be comparable to those achieved by Be doping. Achievable doping levels with the SUKO:

  • The maximum bulk p-doping level of GaAs (measured at 300 K) is 6.5x1019 cm-3, with a mobility of 29 cm²/Vs
  • The maximum bulk doping level of GaAlAs (35 % Al, thickness 1500 Å - measured at 300 K) is 7.5x1019 cm-3, with a mobility of 28 cm²/Vs
  • The maximum delta doping level in GaAs is 2x1013 cm-2
  • Minority carrier lifetime in p-doped GaAs (1.7 x 1019 cm-3) is 140 ps