Multi-Pocket E-Beam Evaporator

At a Glance

The EBV-Series of E-Beam evaporators offer higher capacities (up to 100c) and higher power electron beam evaporators (up to 10kW) for larger substrate sizes (up to 4 Inch) and high flux rates (some Angstroem/s).

Horizontally mounted multiple pocket UHV electron beam evaporator on a DN200CF/DN250CF (10”/12” OD) mounting flange with up to 4(6) x 8cc or 3(6) x 15cc hearth volume.

  • High purity e-beam evaporation
  • 270° beam deflection 
  • Up to 5 kW power
  • Multiple large hearth capacity (up to 6 x 15 cc)
  • High frequency x-y-beam deflection system