General Information

Full Range of Electron Beam Evaporators for all Kind of Deposition


A wide selection of crucible materials and sizes ensures the optimum choice for each element and quantity of evaporant.

All standard sizes fit the EFM2, EFM3 and the EFM 4. The Triple EFM accepts crucibles of smaller than 8 mm in diameter. Extra-large Mo crucibles with a capacity between 1.5 cm3 and 9 cm3 are exclusively available for the EFM 6.

For evaporation from crucibles, the source should be mounted almost horizontal or preferably pointing slightly upwards. The crucible can be exchanged or refilled by just opening one NW 16 CF flange at rear of the evaporator (except EFM 6). Barrel connectors are available for wires and rods up to 6 mm in diameter. Special crucible sizes and materials are available on request.


Electronics & Software

The microprocessor controlled EVC 300 makes the operation of all EFM-type UHV evaporators very convenient and safe. The 300 W power output is sufficient for the evaporation of any desired material, except for the extra large crucibles of the EFM 6 where the dedicated EVC 1200 delivers up to 1200 W. All parameters of the EVC 300 can be set manually on the front panel or via the Lab View-based 'EPITASS' software. Automatic temperature monitoring of the evaporator cooling ensures automatic shutdown if a pre-selectable maximum temperature is exceeded. An external interlock is provided for the vacuum integrity.

Other features:
- Highly reproducible flux regulation
- Programmable automatic thin film deposition (as a function of exposure or time)
- Easy adjustment of operating parameters via user friendly menu structure
- Deposition parameters can be stored and recalled for repeated procedures
- Automatic growth based control of the shutter position or the heating power

In contrast to the EVC 100/300/1200, the EVC 100L is an analogue unit without flux monitor. High voltage, filament current and emission current are monitored on two displays and adjusted via potentiometers. For stable evaporation properties the emission current is regulated; an important feature and not common in this segment of the market.