For Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy

At a Glance

  • New lens for improved detection efficiency
  • New modular design
  • Larger energy windows with improved resolution
  • Fast band mapping
  • Prepared for future upgrades of lens front and detector
  • Improved pumping possibilities

The Scienta ARTOF 10k analyser marked a revolution in the field of angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy with its parallel full cone detection and unchallenged transmission. The Scienta ARTOF-2 is a further development of the ARTOF concept featuring a number of important improvements, especially for kinetic energies above 10 eV.



In contrast to traditional electron spectrometers the ARTOF analysers do not include entrance slits. Therefore, electrons are gathered in a complete cone, with energy and angle resolution. The maximum acceptance angle, with full detection, is ±15°. In this way two-dimensional band mapping experiments can be performed without sample rotation. Furthermore, the transmission is increased up to 250 times compared to traditional hemispherical electron analysers.