HREELS: Measuring Phonon Dispersion

At a Glance

  • Monochromated electron source for HREELS
  • Integrated with Scienta Omicron analysers (DA30-L, DA20)
  • Parallel readout, fast measurement
  • Ultra-stable HV electronics and automatic tuning
  • Variable primary electron energy

The MCES150 is a collimated and monochromatic electron source with an extremely narrow energy distribution. This type of source forms the base for a high resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (HREELS). The combination with a Scienta Omicron high resolution ARPES analyser creates an efficient platform for vibrational spectroscopy and phonon dispersion measurements. The analyser 2D detector system enables massive parallel readout and reduces the measurement time by orders of magnitude compared to the traditional approaches.

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The MCES150 is easily integrated with the ARPES-Lab. It requires an additional flange orthogonal to the analyser port and is compatible with low temperature manipulators used in the ARPES-Lab system. It can be equipped with DA30-L, DA20, or R3000 analyser.

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