Technical Backbones

Sample transfer in UHV - 100%

Linear Transfer Line (LTL)

  • Convenient sample transfer under true UHV conditions
  • No length restrictions
  • Designed for future expandability, also in combination with rotary distribution chambers (RDC)

The newly developed linear transfer line (LTL) efficiently connects new and existing growth and analysis modules for materials innovation platforms. The transfer is composed of independent, movable 3 m long segments and therefore removes length restrictions and provides for cost-effective expandability.

Optimized pumping and quality design ensure true UHV conditions while providing a high degree of configuration flexibility. Gate valves can be used to separate LTL sections, minimizing cross-contamination and isolating subsystems for servicing. Multiple LTLs can easily be integrated with rotary distribution chambers.


LTL Trolley

  • Robust magnetic coupling between external driver and in-UHV sample trolley maintains connection as the trolley passes through flange connections and gate valves
  • Sample trolley accepts multiple sample plates or wafer carrier rings
  • Samples and even the whole trolley, are easily exchanged via the load lock segment.

Radial Distribution Chamber (RDC)

Convenient and fault-proof

  • Robust and easy to use, safe sample handling
  • Easily configurable regarding automation, pumps, and sample holders
  • Up to 4" wafers or flag-style sample holders
  • Fully integrated into MISTRAL system control

Optimal use of lab space

  • Individually designed UHV chamber for best use of lab space
  • No magnetic transfer arms, fewer constraints
  • Compact appendix chambers for special purposes like heating, degassing, cleaving, storage or catalysis


  • Future upgrades, e.g. additional RDCs, relocation of old modules and integration of new modules ensures long-term sustainability of initial investment
  • Maximum flexibility through combination with linear transfer line, glove box, UHV suitcase, or connection to 3rd party modules

MISTRAL system control

Comfortable, easy and safe UHV system operation-based on reliable industry technology.

Modular concept

  • Highly individualized system
  • Covers a wide range of vacuum components like pumps, pressure gauges, valves, etc.
  • Expandable for future upgrades with additional pumps and system modules
  • Easily programmable bake-out with temperature history graph

Intuitive, user-friendly operation

  • Full visualization of all vacuum system components
  • All sensor values at first sight
  • Fast status overview of valves, pumps, pressures and bake-out
  • Used to control motorized sample manipulators, RDC arms, and linear transfer lines

Designed for Safety

  • Integrated interlocks and safety management
  • Forbidden spaces and gate valve interlocks prevent collisions of motorized items with other hardware