Resolving in- and out-of-plane electron spin

At a glance

  • Resolves out-of-plane as well as both in-plane spin components
  • Detector plane mount with 40 mm MCP detector for combined ARPES measurements
  • Single hole output for spin analysis
  • Transfer lens with two orthogonal channels offers truly orthogonal spin vectors
  • Exchangeable transfer lens entrance aperture for tuning of resolution
  • High-speed switching between transfer lens channels

The 3D VLEED single transfer system allows resolving the out-of-plane as well as both in-plane spin components without the use of a spin-rotator. In addition, successful spin measurements require high-quality ARPES measurements to verify sample properties and ensure critical sample alignment. 

Thus it is beneficial to avoid sample movements when switching from ARPES to spin-resolved measurements. With the DA30-L's unique capability to quickly scan both Θx and Θy while providing the highest energy resolution, sample movements are eliminated and spin-resolved spectra can be collected for all points in k-space of the ARPES measurement.


Ferrum VLEED Detector

  • In-situ prepared and oxidized Fe-film on a W(100) substrate
  • Easy handling of W-substrate preparation, Fe-film evaporation and oxygen dosing
  • Lifetime of oxidized iron-film: several weeks
  • Sherman function: S ≥ 28 % (achieved > 30 %)
  • Reflectivity (I/I0): R ≥ 10 % (achieved > 15 %)

The VLEED single transfer system can be integrated with up to two FERRUM VLEED detectors from Focus GmbH. The Ferrum detector is based on exchange scattering at an oxidized iron film. This VLEED spin detection approach is 50x more efficient for a 2D measurement than the Mott spin detection approach.