Fermi DryCool SPM

Infinite measurement time and convenient cooling below T=10K

At a glance

  • Unlimited measurement time
  • No helium consumption
  • Independent tip and sample temperature control (T=10-400K)
  • Superior drift performance
  • Picometer stability for long-term spectroscopy
  • STM and advanced spectroscopy
  • QPlus® AFM technology


The Scienta Omicron DryCoolTM technology effectively decouples the inherent mechanical and thermal noise to a typical level of state-of-the art low temperature SPM´s.  The extremely low drift of the Fermi DryCoolTM SPM outperforms SPM´s with conventional cooling techniques. With a picometer mechanical and thermal stability, the Fermi DryCoolTM SPM is an excellent platform for long-term spectroscopy experiments. The unique cooling principle allows both, an independent temperature control of the tip and the sample. This approach paves the way for scientists to continuously perform low and variable temperature STM, STS and QPlus® nc-AFM experiments.


QPlus AFM and STM results