Advanced measurements made easy

Acquisition Software

The Scienta Omicron APPES analysers are delivered with SES, a measurement and optimization software which runs on Windows. A modern, well-performing computer which meets the requirements of SES is delivered with the spectrometer. The computer also comes with Igor Pro installed for spectrum analysis.

SES supports measurement of several common and rare methods such as EDC, XPS, UPS and ARPES, CIS, CFS and NEXAFS (the latter three requiring monochromator control which is possible to integrate into SES). It can measure these either at a fixed energy or by sweeping the energy, and it displays acquired data continuously during acquisition. The many energy and angular channels provided by the Scienta 2D MCP/CCD detector system are exploited to the fullest in the acquisition software ensuring fast and effective measurements.

SES contains functionality to perform automated series of measurements with individual parameters. The SES sequence manager allows the user to set up for example a multi-point/angle analysis series controlling both spectrometer and manipulator, if motorization option for the manipulator is chosen.

The SES software is built on a modular concept to encourage development of custom add-ons. The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the SES add-ons, such as synchrotron monochromator, are fully documented. Furthermore, Scienta Omicron will give support to development using these APIs. Developing e.g. an add-on to SES which performs pulsed heating of a sample, in combination with data acquisition is an example of possible customization.

SES saves measurement data in three formats: Igor Binary Wave (.ibw), Igor Packed Experiment Template (.pxt) and a well defined proprietary text format (.txt). The Igor file formats are native to WaveMetrics Igor Pro. These formats are also accepted by analysis packages such as CasaXPS.


Mistral System Controller

Scienta Omicron systems are delivered with the Mistral system controller, a programmable logic controller (PLC) with intuitive, user-friendly touch screen control for vacuum system control. This allows complete and fast status overview of valves, pumps, pressures and bake out (optional). The PLC offers several interlocks to maintain a safe operation of the system at all times. The bake-out procedure is easily programmed and pre-configured in the PLC.

The UHV system includes a 19" instrumentation rack housing all control electronics. Mistral also ensures upgrade paths to include additional components, everything from simple sources to advanced SPM modules, in the system and interlock chain.