Advanced measurements made easy

The System Concept

The system is a customizable surface analysis solution for highest performance APPES studies especially developed for the HiPP analysers and XM1200 X-ray source. Scienta Omicron has a long tradition of system design and will therefore fully guarantee the performance of the APPES solution.

The system is designed and optimized for best performance with lab or synchrotron based laser, UV and X-ray sources. Scienta Omicron systems are also prepared for multi-technique upgrades with possibilities of adding glove box, SPM and MBE capabilities to the system. The system configuration and layout will be developed and upon request updated in collaboration with the customer during the lifetime of the system.


The HiPP-3 analyser

The S HiPP-3 analyser features a newly developed technology for outstanding imaging XPS at ambient conditions with a spatial and angular mode. In addition, the newly developed Swift Acceleration Mode enables unparalleled transmission, with countrates improved by up to a factor of e.g. 10 for Ag 3d using Al-Kα excitation (Ref: Edwards NIMA 785 (2015) 191).

For an example measurement please see this youtube clip:


Analysis chamber

The chamber is specially designed for ultimate performance using the HiPP-3 analyser in combination with a XM1200 X-ray source. The chamber is cylindrical and based on a 200 mm chamber diameter. It includes the window that separates the high pressure region in the analysis chamber from the vacuum of the X-ray source. The window is designed for venting of the chamber to atmospheric pressure while maintaining the vacuum in the X-ray source.

The chamber will be made of mu-metal (Flanges: AISI 316 LN) and have up to 12 ports (including analyzer and X-ray ports) and has a guaranteed residual magnetic field lower than 1 microTesla at the measurement point.



The frame is an essential point in the modular concept of the system. It enables ease of use of the setup, e.g. exchange of analysis chamber and removal of analyser for sample access.


Analysis chamber vacuum system

An effective pumping is of utmost importance for APPES for creating a steep pressure gradient in the analyser, maintaining good vacuum in the monochromator, and effectively pump away the gas load after finished experiments in the exchangeable chamber.

The HiPP-Lab offers a well-balanced pumping base package including analyser pumping and ease of gas evacuation from analysis chamber. The HiPP-Lab also offers one manual gas inlet version as well as a fully automatic version.