STM Control System for Atomically Precise Lithography

4 fine x/y channels (± 135 V)
1 fine z channel (± 135 V)
3 coarse xyz channels (± 200 V)
1 tip bias channel (± 10 V)
Current gain control for Scienta Omicron pre-amp
Bias gain control for Scienta Omicron pre-amp
Scan Range: up to 9.5 µm on VT STM

Fits Scienta Omicron VT STM pre-amp and PIC cabling. No modification of UHV hardware required.

  • Local piezo tube calibration based on lattice recognition
  • Lattice phase recognition for precise lithography positioning
  • Linear creep correction in xy
  • Two spot size modes:
    - AP mode(single-dimer-row width)
    - FE mode multi-nm linewidth, rough edges)

Python-based scripts for test patterns, creep and lattice calibration, and other basic functions are provided. Some example lithography scripts are also included. User-written scripts can be run via a menu, or using the command line interface.