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Expansions and Upgrades

Due to the common framework of the Scienta Omicron product range, most spectrometers can be upgraded to, or exchanged for, a more advanced model without the need to replace the complete experimental setup. Examples of extensions to add application areas may be adding UPS capabilities to a XPS setup or adding spin detection to an ARPES setup.

Upgrades or extensions to improve performance may include exchange of an R3000 for an R4000 or an exchange of an Scienta R4000 to a DA30. In some cases the modification of an existing spectrometer can be done on site. In other cases the spectrometer will be modified in the factory.

In all cases, we can make sure that the down time of your system is short, and the modification process is smooth.



For customers looking for capabilities beyond our current standard product range, Scienta Omicron is happy to offer our state-of-the-art R&D capabilities to solve specific research needs.

When we develop new products to customer specifications, we do this in close collaboration with the end user, to make sure that our instrumentation expertise and your application expertise come together to form a truly unique and groundbreaking product. This is why we call this Joint R&D - something we truly make together.

Please contact us with ideas on how we can develop the future of electron spectroscopy together.