R3000 & LT-SPM (GB)

MULTIPROBE LT XA platform in Nottingham, GB, delivers High-Performance STM/AFM (QPlus) and High-Resolution UPS/ARPES results

At a Glance

Prof. Philip Moriarty’s MULTIPROBE LT XA with a combination of Low Temperature STM/AFM (QPlus®) and high resolution ARPES (R3000 analyser) in the analysis/preparation chamber which is also equipped with LEED, sample sputtering and tools for thin film growth.

A long travel manipulator with resistive sample heating and LHe cooling connects the analysis/preparation chamber with the LT STM via cold sample transfer. The polarized light source HIS13 serves as a high intensity UV-lab-source. The system`s vibration isolation ensures the highest STM resolution in a very demanding environment.