R4000 & LT-STM (CN)

Angle-Resolved Photoemission combined with Low-Temperature SPM

At a Glance

Prof. Q.-K. Xue’s system at Tsinghua University in China consists of a MULTIPROBE LT XA/UPS/ARPES module combined with a MULTIPROBE MBE module. Shown on the photo is the LT-STM / UPS/ARPES portion with an R4000 analyzer for high resolution UPS. The ARPES chamber features a LHe cooled sample manipulator (< 20K), a VUV5000 source including VUV5040 monochromator.

Our UHV systems are optimized for easy to operate, reliable and secure sample transfer. The wobble stick based transfer in the LT STM microscope enables for fast sample exchange (< 30 s) with the sample either cooled or at room temperature.