For Advanced Photoelectron Spectroscopy Experiments

At a Glance

  • 60° wide angular mode
  • 30° higher dispersive angular mode
  • 40 mm working distance
  • Intensity optimized transmission mode
  • Angle resolved kinetic energy range up to 10,000 eV
  • < 1.8 meV energy resolution guaranteed in UPS
  • Real time image correction

The EW4000 opens new directions of science. Where our previous spectrometers have been a revolution to ARPES, the EW4000 goes one step further. Expanding the parallel angular detection range to 60° in the full range from UPS via XPS to HAXPES gives great possibilities for high transmission measurements as well as novel Standing Wave and XPD experiments.

The EW4000 is breaking new ground for advanced photoelectron spectroscopy experiments. The new extreme wide angle lens technology brings a leap not only in angular range but also in acquisition speed and kinetic energy range. In the EW4000 this new lens development is combined with the proven performance of our 200 mm radius hemisphere.


Detection system and lens modes

Efficient low cross section measurements demand a modern detection system with low noise and high signal to noise ratio. Our 2D MCP/CCD detector system combines low noise and high signal to noise with large dynamic range allowing also weak features next to strong signals to be clearly resolved. In combination with the EW4000 extreme wide angle lens the 2D detection system allows ARXPS and even HAXPES with 60° parallel detection. A higher angular resolution mode with 44° parallel detection as well as a transmission mode for maximum intensity is also available.


Image correction software

The extreme wide angle acceptance of the EW4000 puts new demands on the data acquisition software. A new real time image correction functionality has been implemented in the SES software to support high resolution wide range swept mode measurements in angular mode. The image correction routines are very fast and do not influence the acquisition speed. The data storage overhead is as fast and unnoticeable as before.