At a Glance

  • Imaging XPS < 10 μm resolution
  • Swift Acceleration Mode for unprecedented transmission
  • Refocusing pre-lens with efficient differential pumping
  • Angular resolved range: 18°
  • Interchangeable / customized front cones

The HiPP-3 analyser features a newly developed patent pending technology for outstanding imaging XPS at ambient conditions with a spatial resolution of better than 10 μm. In addition, the newly developed Swift Acceleration Mode enables unparalleled transmission, with countrates improved by up to a factor of 10.

The newly developed HiPP-3 analyser has been optimized for XPS energies (up to 1500 eV). In this range, the transmission has been dramatically increased with the development of a new lens mode.



Conceptually, the HiPP-3 is similar to earlier APPES models in that it consists of a traditional R4000 analyser amended with a pre-lens that contains both differential pumping and electrostatic lenses. However, the pre-lens has been completely redesigned to offer the best transmission and spatial mode measurements at XPS energies.

As before, there is an exchangeable front cone separating the pre-lens from the sample, enabling the optimum balance between pressure and transmission. For experimental setups utilizing a small volume high pressure gas cell, this front cone is incorporated into the gas cell.