Valved Corrosive Cracker Source for Sb, Te, Mg

Controlled Injection of Radicals of Sb, Te, Mg or other Corrosive Materials

The main purpose of the Valved Corrosive Cracker Source in MBE applications is the enhanced flux control and the cracking of materials whose vapor is highly corrosive.

It was originally designed as a source for an antimony radical (Sb2) molecular beam as a group V material in standard III-V MBE.

Due to the all PBN construction of the inner parts and the valve mechanism in particular, and in combination with the flexibility provided by three independent heater circuits, it also allows the use of other materials like Te, Mg or Se with the Valved Corrosive Cracker Source.

The large crucible capacity of 420 cm3, fast and precise flux control and easy handling for maintenance and crucible refill makes the Valved Corrosive Cracker Source an ideal source for smaller production MBE systems as well as for higher throughput research MBE systems.