Valved Alkali Metal Source

Evaporation of Elemental High Vapor Pressure Alkali Metals

At a Glance

  • Large capacity 150 cm3 evaporator
  • Ideal source for Cs and Rb evaporation
  • Easy and safe refilling procedure

The Valved Alkali Metal Source AKS is designed for the evaporation of elemental high vapor pressure alkali metals like cesium (Cs) and rubidium (Rb) in standard MBE or UHV systems. The AKS provides precise flux stability of better than ±0.1% at ±0.03K temperature control of the metal reservoir using external heating.

The integrated pneumatic all metal valve enables rapid on/off switching of the atomic beam. Its tight construction allows the venting of the MBE system without breaking the vacuum inside the AKS evaporator.