Plasma Source (Nitrogen / Oxygen)

RF Atom Source for Atomic Oxygen and Atomic Nitrogen

  • DN63CF (4.5” OD) mounting flange
  • In-vacuum Diameter: 57 mm
  • Gas Compatibility: O, N, H, CH
  • RF Power: 30-600 W
  • Gas Flow: 0.01 - 20 sccm (aperture and gas dependent)
  • Cooling water: (0.5 l/min required)
  • Optimum gas flow to be defined by the user by selecting from a range of different end-plates


  • Automatic matching RF network
  • Plasma emission monitoring
  • Beam thermaliser (to reduce the energy of the small fraction of energetic neutrals)
  • Full PC control, manual or automated teardrop shutter