Plasma Source (Nitrogen / Oxygen)

RF Atom Source for Atomic Oxygen and Atomic Nitrogen

At a Glance

  • RF Atom Source for atomic oxygen and atomic nitrogen
  • Minimized power losses due to optimized design
  • Discharge zone is manufactured from high-quality materials ensuring a minimal contamination of the beam
  • Zero-ion current configuration as standard

The growth of high-quality compound materials ideally require neutral, atomic species. Whereas molecular gases such as oxygen or nitrogen have shown to orders of magnitude less reactive than if dissociated into atomic form.

Therefore oxide formation using molecular oxygen typically requires highly elevated temperatures and/or extended oxidation periods, while molecular nitrogen shows almost no reactivity for many materials.

Thus the dissociated species are increasing the reactivity by many orders of magnitude and therefore allows oxides or nitrides to be grown at low pressure and at reasonable substrate temperatures.

However, ionic species generated in plasma processes tend to be energetic and possibly create point defects. On the other hand, atomic species carry negligible kinetic energy and therefore allow rapid film growth without generating defects.