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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Fall 2019

This edition of the News provides an update on Scienta Omicron´s Global Service Meeting (GSM) held in September 2019, bringing more than 25 service personnel from around the globe. Furthermore, it includes information on the installation of a new NanoESCA for momentum microscopy and imaging XPS at MPI Stuttgart, and a HAXPES Lab at Meiji University, Tokyo, by Prof. A. Ogura to perform HAXPES measurements directly in their laboratory; specific analysis of quantum jamming transition using Scienta Omicron LT Nanoprobe; a glimpse on ARPES manipulators and 1 BAR XPS; a step-by-step analysis through sub-molecular imaging using the LT STM; ARPES Lab results on disordered TMDCs; and a quick glance on Gas Reaction Cell GRC 1300.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Spring 2019

This issue of the Scienta Omicron News features in-depth information on Materials Innovation Platform (MIP); HAXPES Lab – now available for lab use; the new DA20 ARPES Analyzer; breakthrough for spin-filtered momentum microscopy based on experiments by Dr. Christian Tusche using the NanoESCA end-station synchrotron Elettra, Italy; HREELS for the ARPES-Lab – a partnership between Scienta Omicron and Forschungszentrum Jülich; TESLA JT SPM – a versatile 1K SPM; Autonomous Atomic Scale Manufacturing through Machine Learning; XPS-Lab; LT STM; and QSpeed AFMTM.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Fall 2018

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News includes information on Spin-Resolved ARPES: Highlight from Taiwan; TESLA JT SPM: Continuous SPM imaging during magnetic field variation; QSpeedTM AFM mode with MATRIX 4; Bristol NanoESCA Laboratory; New Linear Transfer Line: A backbone for UHV Cluster Systems; and News from HAXPES Lab: New publication & webinar.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Spring 2018

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News features information on HAXPES Lab that brings HAXPES to end user´s laboratories including an interview with Anna Regoutz, Imperial College London; TESLA JT SPM the latest development in the history of successful scanning probe microscopes; Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons who was named 2018 Australian of the Year in recognition for her pioneering research and inspiring leadership in quantum computing; HiPP Lab; installation of NanoESCA with Laser at Graz University of Technology; ARPES Lab; and LT STM III – on stage optics for TERS.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Fall 2017

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News includes information on the Toulouse Nanocar race; the new MARTIX 4 for the LT NANOPROBE; TESLA JT SPM – demonstrating atomic resolution STM on Au(111) at T=1.03K; MBE growth with Lab10 MBE System; HAXPES Lab demo system; and ARPES-Lab – the expert solution for high-end ARPES results.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Spring 2017

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News includes information on the completion of the establishment of Scienta Omicron from the merger of VG Scienta and Omicron Nanotechnology; third generation of LT STM; new MATRIX 4 SPM Controller; new TESLA JT SPM; MBE growth of Chalcopyrite Nanowires; Fermi DryCoolTM SPM; Lab solutions – XPS-Lab, ARPES-Lab, and HAXPES Lab – for electron spectroscopy; spin resolved spectroscopy; and strategic alliance between Scienta Omicron and OCI Vacuum Microengineering.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Fall 2016

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News includes information on Scienta Omcron´s strategic partnership with CryoVac on the new Scienta Omicron TESLA JT SPM; the new Scienta Omicron System installation in Poland at EIT+ for in-situ growth and analysis of functional materials; ESCA 2SR – a new XPS instrument; MATRIX SPM control system; NanoESCA System for Bristol University; ARPES-Lab System; and NanoRace in Toulouse.

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ScientaOmicron Newsflyer Spring 2016

This edition of the Scienta Omicron News includes information on Lab10 MBE, an MBE solution for surface science; HAXPES Lab, a window to the bulk; Closed Cycle SPM - recent STM & QPlus AFM results from our R&D department; and Scanned Probe Lithography – a collaboration between Scienta Omicron and Zyvex Labs.

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Pico Vol. 18 No.1
  • Ravi Sundaram
  • Multi module cluster system / Jülich
  • High-field magnets
  • Scientific Article
  • NanoESCA II
  • Multi module cluster system / Ontario
  • Cross platform software
  • Closed cycle SPM
  • Optistat®Dry
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Pico Vol. 17 No.1
  • The new hemispherical analyser Argus CU
  • Scientific article
  • SPECTALEED: The largest & most versatile LEED range!
  • Next generation SPM: The new LT NANOPROBE
  • “Nanotechnology in India”
  • Kelvinox TLM 400 - installed in Turkey
  • Customised systems
  • TESLA SPM, Contacts & Jobs at Omicron NanoScience
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Pico Vol. 16 No.1
  • Omicron in China
  • The new Fermi SPM - Tip & Sample at Equi Temperature
  • Scientific Article
  • Customised Solutions
  • Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology
  • New Calibration & Analysis Software for LEED
  • Live Access to MATRIX Data from IGOR Pro
  • FOCUS PEEM - Surface Sensitive Microscopy & Spectroscopy
  • A First Look at the TESLA SPM
  • The iPad Winner is...
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Pico Vol. 15 No.1
  • Joint Future
  • Towards Wafer Scale Fabrication of Graphene Based Devices
  • Scientific Article
  • New Preamplifier Technology - High Speed Non-Contact AFM
  • Argus - A New Tool for Complex Chemical State Mapping
  • Winners...
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Pico Vol. 14 No.1
  • Ultimate Nanoprobing
  • AFM Controller with Digital PLL
  • Scientific Article
  • Vernissage 2.0 / Manage your Data Flood
  • MBE & Analysis in a Single System
  • The New NanoSAM Stage & Dynamic Drift Correction
  • ARGUS 128 - One Step Beyond
  • Conventional ESCA Analysis
  • Omicron Job Opportunities
  • And the winner is... 
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Pico Vol. 13 No.1
  • New Service Structure in China
  • MBE for Solar Cell Development & Characterization:
  • Collaboration with Prof. Detlef Hommel of University of Bremen, Germany
  • Customized Solutions
  • Scientific Article
  • Imaging of the Rest Atoms with NC-AFM
  • Cost-Effective Integration of Omicron's VT Instruments
  • New Graphical User Interface for LEED Optics
  • First Omicron SPM Workshop in Beijing
  • Easy Access to MATRIX Data with
  • Mathworks MATLAB Toolbox
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Pico Vol. 12 No.2
  • Pushing QPlus Further: Smaller Amplitudes & Higher Frequencies
  • SPHERA: Upgrade Your System with Imaging XPS!
  • Scientific Article
  • News on the Variable Temperature STM - a Process of Continuous Improvement
  • Pulsed Laser Deposition & Nanoanalytics
  • Customized Solutions
  • Optical Microscope for Easy Sensor Navigation
  • VERNISSAGE - a New Tool to Access MATRIX SPM Data
  • And the Winner is...
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Pico Vol. 12 No.1
  • New Omicron Subsidiary in Japan
  • Scientific Article
  • NanoESCA - Fast k-space Imaging
  • Customised Solutions: Just a few Low Temperature Systems...
  • High Current UHV GEMINI Column
  • MATRIX SPM Control System Version V2.0
  • NanoESCA System Wins
  • R&D 100 Award
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Pico Vol. 11 No.1
  • Atomic Layer Deposition Equipped Cluster Tool
  • Customised Solution for Preparation and Study of Nanoscale Magnets
  • Scientific Article
  • LT STM - More than 2 days fully accessible measurement time at 5 K
  • The Power of the EFM 6
  • VT STM with QPlus Sensor for True Atomic Resolution nc-AFM on Insulators
  • LEED No. 1000
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Pico Vol. 10 No.2
  • Imaging XPS with 650 nm Resolution
  • EBSD goes UHV
  • XPS Imaging on ESCA+
  • Scientific Articles
  • Customised Solution
  • TOF-PEEM with Delay Line Detector
  • New in the Team
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Pico Vol. 10 No.1
  • Manufacturing and Imaging of Magnetic Nanostructures
  • QPlus Technology
  • High-Speed Scanning
  • Scientific Article
  • Customised Solution for MBE & VT SPM
  • Customised Solution for AR-XPS and LEISS
  • An Interview with Christoph Gerber
  • Special Trade-In Offer
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Pico Vol. 9 No.2
  • 4 Probe with SEM Navigation
  • Scientific Articles
  • NanoESCA in the Lab with Sub-Micron Spatial Resolution
  • CASCADE - New Software for Electron Spectroscopy
  • 1000th EFM Evaporator
  • QPlus Technology
  • The XA Series
  • ECASIA ‘05 in Vienna, Austria
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Pico Vol. 9 No.1
  • We Need More Space
  • ESCA+ Advanced Performance for Routine Analysis
  • Scientific Article
  • In-situ Analysis Taken One Step Beyond
  • The Omicron Application Lab
  • AVS and MRS Conferences
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Pico Vol. 8 No.2
  • MATRIX SPM Control System - Make Your SPM Intelligent
  • Scientific Articles
  • 20 Years of Omicron
  • Research the Italian Style
  • New Features for the EVC 300
  • Nano 2004
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Pico Vol. 8 No.1
  • Where the Sun Never Sets!
  • Scientific Articles
  • SPHERA - The New Generation ESCA Analyser
  • Omicron UHV Technik Ltd
  • More than 1000 Papers....
  • Post-doc Job Forum
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Pico Vol. 7 No.2
  • MBE and Analysis in a Single System
  • Future of Nanoanalytics
  • New Co-operation with attocube systems AG
  • Scientific Article
  • EFM 3i - Electron Beam Evaporator for Ion Beam Assisted Deposition
  • Nano-positioning with Perfect Stability and Repeatability
  • ISEM: New imaging Software for Electron Microscopy
  • Questionnaire for Evaporant Database
  • New Website Online
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Pico Vol. 7 No.1
  • NanoESCA - Imaging XPS with <200 nm Resolution
  • The New Cryogenic STM
  • Twin SNOM - 3D-Overview
  • Scientific Article
  • Chemical Analysis with 10 nm Resolution
  • New Preamp Technology in the LT STM
  • Omicron Customer covers Science
  • Omicron France - Ten Years Later
  • A Premiere at the DPG
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