Electron Spectroscopy Upgrades

Electron Spectroscopy Upgrades

Please download the upgrade information for Electron Spectroscopy products here:

1. ARPES Capillary Upgrade

The Scienta Omicron Retractable VUV5k-package can be equipped with a newly developed exit stage. This exit stage contains a capillary custom made from glass with an exit inner diameter of 0.5 mm. This option offers the highest flux density in a very small spot. With the 5 mm standard working distance, the flux density of the 0.5 mm ARPES capillaries is more than twice that of the straight 0.8 mm capillaries, although the spot size is similar.

ARPES Capillary Upgrade

2. Computer Ethernet Rack

A pre-configured and customized computer that meets the new PC requirements for PEAK compatibility. Other key advantages include: one year support including advice on plug-ins, e.g. manipulator control; win10-64 bit computer with hardware and software necessary for analyser control; ‘Plug and Play’, customized and pre-installed; most recent SES software version with Real-time straight slit compensation; and Igor Pro 7 Software License.

Computer Ethernet Rack

3. Deflection Upgrade for DA30-L(R)

This upgrades enables deflection mode. The key advantages include: Improved ky accuracy (resolution better than 0.1º); time saving by electronic deflection; fixed matrix elements during scan; reduced manipulator requirements; ensures same spot for all k//; patented deflector concept; and sequential full cone detection.

DA30-L(R) to DA30-L

4. DOM Upgrade Card HVC20 v 6.0

The Digital Output Motherboard (DOM) board gives the HV Power Supply cards 8 times higher step resolution. New firmware improves the stability of the data link. The HVC20 card sits on the DOM board and replaces the 7048#0 and 7048#32 boards.

DOM Upgrade

5. Ethernet Camera

Ethernet Camera – a fully hardware and software integrated digital Ethernet CCD camera for data read out. The key advantages include: PEAK compatibility; and improved Signal integrity gives unlimited cable length. It is available in two variations: 17GM for DA30/R4000/R8000; and 70GM for R3000/SES200/SES2002.

Ethernet Camera

6. Ethernet Rack Upgrade

This next generation upgrade utilizes Ethernet for the camera as well as the rack. The key advantages include: PEAK compatibility; enable Ethernet communication between PR and Rack; improved Signal integrity gives unlimited cable length; and the Ethernet interface simplifies Rack Add-ons.

Ethernet Rack Upgrade